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Email: mohammed.ibrahim-shire [at] port.ac.uk

Twitter: @DrMIShire

Welcome! I am a lecturer in the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth. Multidisciplinary by training and experience; I specialise in the increasingly complex world of security and risk. I hold a PhD in Safety and Security Studies from Loughborough University. With a regional focus on Africa, my research interests include a wide range of topics, including terrorism, counterterrorism, asymmetric warfare, security, risk and complexity.

My work is published or forthcoming in various academic journals, including Terrorism and Political Violence, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, Safety Science, Journal of Eastern African Studies, and Small Wars & Insurgencies.

Beyond academia, I manage Somali Faces, an award-winning storytelling organisation that raises awareness for social justice in Somalia.

I also shoot travel documentaries that depict the authentic side of regions and cultures in Africa. You can watch my first two episodes here: Djibouti and Somaliland.

Is there a reason why groups continue to use rhetorical devices reminiscent of #Somalia’s 1990s civil war? Clan-based tropes & stereotypes, clan appeals & imagery of imminent state collapse. 70% of Somalia’s pop. are youth & deserve a better appeal if you’re striving for change.

Thanks to our security forces for thwarting an assassin wearing explosive jacket who was intending to blow himself up in Hamarweyne neighborhood. A local police commander is confirmed sustained injuries. The murderer trying to escape was caught by the police & being investigated.

The United States calls for Somalia's political leaders to endorse the February 16 Technical Committee recommendations and quickly begin implementation. The recommendations provide a clear framework for resolving the political impasse that threatens Somalia's future.

What's behind fresh unrest in Somalia -- and what needs to be done https://theconversation.com/whats-behind-fresh-unrest-in-somalia-and-what-needs-to-be-done-155685?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=bylinetwitterbutton @DrMIShire

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