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Email: mohammed.ibrahim-shire [at] port.ac.uk

Twitter: @DrMIShire

Welcome! I am a senior lecturer in Security and Risk at the University of Portsmouth. I hold a PhD from Loughborough University. My research agenda takes a broad interdisciplinary approach to terrorism and political violence in Africa and crosscuts aspects of criminology, political science, peace and conflict studies, and computer science.

My work is published or forthcoming in various academic journals, including Terrorism and Political Violence, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, Journal of Eastern African Studies, and Small Wars & Insurgencies.

Beyond academia, I manage Somali Faces, an award-winning storytelling organisation that raises awareness for social justice in Somalia. I also serve on the DEMAC’s Strategic Advisory Board and the Anglo-Somali Society.

Finally, I shoot travel documentaries that depict the authentic side of regions and cultures in Africa. You can watch my first two episodes here: Djibouti and Somaliland.

"Portrayed as illegal migrants from neighboring Bangladesh," Siddartha Deb writes in @NYTMag, Muslims "have become mired in a Kafkaesque system of accusations, trials and imprisonment." How persecution spawned India's new draconian citizenship law. https://nyti.ms/3nQF55f

Hey @ReutersAfrica--this is inaccurate & misleading. April incident was between government & opposition-affiliated forces. Please correct.

"Mohamed and Roble first clashed in April...prompting army factions loyal to each man to seize rival positions in the capital, Mogadishu."

Reuters Africa@ReutersAfrica

Somalia's president berates Djibouti for detaining his security adviser https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/somalias-president-berates-djibouti-detaining-his-security-adviser-2021-09-17/

1. Al-Shabaab’s new documentary on Somalia's constitution extensively uses audio segments of two heavyweight Somali religious leaders: Sheekh Cumar Faaruq (d. 2011) and Sheekh Shariif CabdiNuur (d.2017) -- raḥimahum Allah. Yet these scholars never supported Al-Shabaab.


NEW: US confirms reports Aug 29 drone strike originally described as "righteous" did not kill any #ISIS-#Khorasan terrorists - just an aide worker & 9 family members (7 children), per @CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie

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