Contact information:

Email: mohammed.ibrahim-shire [at] port.ac.uk

Twitter: @DrMIShire

Welcome! I am a lecturer at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth. I hold a PhD in Safety and Security Studies from Loughborough University. I am interdisciplinary by training and experience. My research agenda takes a broad interdisciplinary approach to terrorism and political violence in Africa and crosscuts aspects of criminology, political science, peace and conflict studies, and computer science.

My work is published or forthcoming in various academic journals, including Terrorism and Political Violence, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, Safety Science, Journal of Eastern African Studies, and Small Wars & Insurgencies.

Beyond academia, I manage Somali Faces, an award-winning storytelling organisation that raises awareness for social justice in Somalia.

I also shoot travel documentaries that depict the authentic side of regions and cultures in Africa. You can watch my first two episodes here: Djibouti and Somaliland.

'Political factions can exploit populations who have #ClimateChange-related grievances' — @DrATchie discusses work by SIPRI and @nupinytt on climate-related security risks in Somalia in this @ConversationUK article:

Seit 14 Jahren kämpft die al-Shabaab-Miliz gegen die somalische Regierung. Ohne Verhandlungen wird es keinen #Frieden geben. Mit Hilfe von Clan-Ältesten könnten Gespräche angebahnt werden, schreibt @DrMIShire. (Exklusiv für Abonnenten)

Burkina Faso's exiled ex-president, Blaise Compaoré, is to be tried for the assassination of his predecessor Thomas Sankara, a pan-African icon, during the 1987 coup in which he took power.

Xeerillaaliyaha Guud ee Maxkamadda Ciidamadda oo sharaxaya Natiijada baarista dilkii Gudoomiyihii Hodan, Marxuum C/xakiin Dhagajuun.ayaa sheegay in guddigii baaris waday ayku sheegeen warbixinta, Dil Kas loo gaystay.

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